Smart Market Solutions for Cryptocurrencies

AlphaTheta creates solutions for enhancing token marketability and building stability into tokenomic profiles.

Why choose AlphaTheta?

We are experts in finance, trading platforms & analysis, and blockchain technology. We provide valuable support and guidance through the complexity of crypto markets.

Our technology is built in-house by our talented team of engineers who have created robust algorithms specifically designed for cryptocurrency markets.

We abide by AML/KYC policies and maintain an ethical & compliant operation that prevents money laundering and other financial crimes. We are completely data transparent and enable you to stay up to date with your market’s operations.

Our Features

Algorithmic Trading

Our in-house proprietary algorithm is robust and executes trades flawlessly.

Exchange Support

We work directly with top exchanges to offer you flawless token integration.

Deployable Bots

Utilize a number of bots to execute different strategies on different exchanges simultaneously.

Customized Strategies

Our experienced team works directly with you to create market making strategies that fit your projects goals

Proprietary Interface

Our market-maker has been designed and built from the ground up

24/7 Support

Our dedicated trading desk monitors all activity on our platform to ensure the stability of market